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Hands off my family LNP

Regardless of the turn out and whatever the media will say today was really special as I had by my side my amazing family- my wifey Bec, our wonderful gregarious daughter (Ms2), my Mother, my Mother-in-Law, Father-in-Law and his wife (who in years gone by would have been inside attending the conference).

Today outside the LNP State Conference protest as part of the FESTIVAL OF FIGHTBACK was a disappointingly small, yet loud protest action.

I saw a few of the old guard queer activists, which always makes for a good reunion!

::Mum and I outside the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane::

Mum and I

::Today’s protest::

Rally 1

A tweet I sent out this morning:

If my Mum could attend from VIC and my mum-in-law from Toowoomba you can get here from the Valley and West End!

Rights are won not handed over by the rulers

Next stop in the Equal Love rally calender: August 11th Queens Park 1pm

Meeting with Waterford MP Mike Latter

Mike seemed genuine enough, sure he was naive as to how two women can make a baby and about same sex parenting but at least he was open and honest, asked questions and listened without judgement. 

We spoke to him about presumption of parentage, Surrogacy and Civil Unions.

I was a bit nervous and came of a bit ranty at the start- I think more so as we were in Evan Moorhead’s former office where I had spent many weekends preparing before doorknocking, letter boxing and other aspects of a typical campaign. I was so proud of the way Bec took the lead, she calmly explained in simple heartfelt language the impacts changes are already causing and what proposed changes could mean for same sex families. Bec makes a brilliant lobbyist! Buy the end of the hour long meeting I had composed myself enough to articulate responses and through in some humour.

And the strangest thing happened- he was genuine when he said he wanted to catch up with us again, and meet Ms2, even have dinnerI guess this is what a former boss of mine had meant when he said I needed to ‘extend my hand across the aisle’.

Then Tuesday of the following week Mike calls from Parliament because he had to be the 1st one to pass on the good news

Mike Latter, Waterford MP raced between Parliament sittings on July 11th to call Bec & I to let us know that any changes to the Surrogacy Act will not affect the Status of Children and the presumption of parentage at all, retrospective and future children born of same sex parents.

He sounded so excited to tell me.

(I’m still skeptical)

I asked for it in writing (still waiting).