Riot Grrrl Mumma
Still fighting

"This is not about politics – this is about people.
This is not about religion – this is about families.”

-Suzanne Michael

We’ve made an appointment to see our local MP Mike Latter Wednesday and will also bring him letters from our extended family. We’ve asked friends and family to lobby, wrote a personal account that’s been tweeted, retweeted and shared around Facebook, and I’ve gotten work colleagues involved too.

I am scared by the complacency I’ve encountered from a couple of people who blindly believe that things won’t change, that they cannot change and that I’m overreacting.  I wish I was overreacting! One of the comments was ‘Queensland on a whole has moved forward so much that they could not possibly do something so backward’. But they can, and they did by altering civil unions;

  • changing them from civil partnerships to registered relationships
  • removing the State based public aspects of celebrating them.

So I am pleading with you all not to shrug and think this will pass by.

Make no mistake this the most significant rollback of gay and lesbian rights by a government in the Western world, ever.

Urgent Action – Get involved

this is the video of the Save Surrogacy forum that I attended earlier this week